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Hey everyone 🙂

This is my second post on the subject of Christianity.

I believe in open mindedness and research.

This is why I’m going to show content that poses the hard questions, and points out the flaws in Christianity. I encourage anyone to respond who can disprove any of the notions being put forward. Enjoy 🙂

I’m not going to write a huge spiel today. I have come across this video which perfectly expresses what I want to convey.
He is basically saying this:

If God was real, we would all just know, and accept it, like we know and accept the sun is real. God would have no reason to keep himself hidden, therefore eliminating doubt around the subject of his existence.

There is more to it than that, please give youtube user TheoreticalBullshit a chance. he expresses these ideas better than I could.

Was The Bible Plagiarised?

This next video is the main focus of my post. Lets looks at historical evidence that questions the legitimacy of the bible. One of my readers from last week sent me a video, which is part of the reason I enjoy this proccess. I love connecting with people on these topics. Here is a snippet from the Zietguiste film.

This video shows how bible was plagiarised. It shows where the main events and scenarios were recorded way before the bible was written.

Skip to 16:00 minutes in for these points.

Video’s Information Sources: http://www.stellarhousepublishing.com/zeitgeistsourcebook.pdf The entire film can be watched here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k3Ya5qiiW6k&feature=related

Yep thats right, Cool Jesus is back.

My Interpretation of The Video

There are too many similarities here, it is hard to believe the bible is genuine. Remember the important thing; it is not denying existence of devine beings. It is saying that the Christian account is copied from prior Egyptian accounts. Nobody is saying that there aren’t any Gods <<– this is a mistake many atheists make.

“Well how do you know these Egyptian accounts are true?”

We dont know if they are true, but we know when they were written, and it was before the bible. The point is that these other accounts were recorded way before the bible with the same stories. They were recorded first, regardless of them being fictional or not. Some of these events may have happened, some may be myths. If these Egyptian stories/myths actually happened, it was when they were first recorded, not thousands of years later in the timeframe of the fabricated bible.

I encourage any responses to this post, especially if you can disprove the notions put forward in these videos.

Please only respond if you have taken the time to watch both the videos.

Thanks y’all!

Jono 🙂