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Hey everyone,

My name is Jono, I think it is important that I express my intentions. I am about to express my opinion, and anyone that can’t handle that obviously isn’t entirely comfortable with their own reasons for their beliefs. Somebody comfortable with their own beliefs, who knows why they believe these things won’t feel threatened, even if they disagree with me. My aim isn’t to bash religions; my aim is to promote open mindedness and research before belief. I can’t help it, its in my nature to question everything until it makes sense, and some aspects of religion don’t make sense to me.

 ** Disclaimer **

I believe it is possible that a God exists. What I am addressing is the flaws in the religious beliefs that have been created by humans. To trust in Christianity you have to believe that whoever wrote the bible got it right. I am going to address the logical flaws that steam from the manmade bible.

Why should any of us be inclined to follow a set of beliefs with logical flaws in it. If you just have faith, and enjoy the idea of a loving God who is there for you, and that is enough for you, that’s okay. I need a little more, and here I begin.

What is the point of life?

What is the point in being alive and self aware on this planet for a lifetime?

I’m fairly sure that regardless of differing beliefs, we want fulfilment through love and prosperity. Achieving these things allows us to be happy in every sense.

  • Does being a Christian, or choosing NOT to be apart of those beliefs affect any of these overall outcomes in life? 
  • What limitations do you experience when you don’t accept a religion or God?


I openly deny God without being limited or hindered in any way. I am still allowed to feel love, success and all the positive feelings in this world. I can find true love, succeed financially and have any fulfilment I desire.  Isn’t that the whole point of life? Look at all the successful people who are also surrounded by love. Many of them happen to not be religious. They managed to get there without God. If we can achieve the very purpose of being, then why is God there if he isn’t needed? The things that Christians pray for, are achieved everyday by non Christians on their own, without asking for his help. This is one aspect that doesn’t make sense to me.

For the sake of what I am expressing,

I will now introduce you to Hypothetical “Cool God”!

** God Voice **

“Hey, I’m Cool God, I’ll just create the world in 7 days, my son Jesus will die to save the human race, you guys can do whatever you want! You can deny my existence, I don’t need your recognition, I’ll let you have anything you want in my world and you don’t have to admit I am the only God”

Cool God

If God doesn’t have an ego, ^^like this awesome guy^^, and doesn’t need us to recognise all the great work he has done, then awesome! Good on him. I wish it was true but it doesn’t make sense to me. In the bible it is written that God proclaims that he is the only God and no other shall be worshiped but him. If he WAS real, he would want the recognition (according to the way he has been depicted in the bible, for those of you who follow this book).

Good Intentions of Christian Communities

Christianity, among most religions teaches good values. There are great aspects in all religions. These good life lessons and morals can be taught without all the irrelevant trimmings (beliefs that cant be proved). I understand, and appreciate the wonderful sense of community displayed with Christians, and the good charity work they do.

All these wonderful things are only the work of humans, it isn’t the work of God. Helping a person isn’t reliant on God, and a great sense of community and charitable work should be achieved without the idea that is was only achievable through God or Religion. Thank the humans who helped and used their hands to get it done, not the invisible man.

Not being bound by one religion doesn’t mean you lack morals or integrity. Buddhism encourages the exploration of all information including other religious texts. It encourages learning, rather than “ONLY BELIEVE MY TEXT”. The Dalai Lama has openly said, if something within his own words, or the Buddhist religion turns out to be proven false, they will accept that and move forward. These ideologies are far more realistic and encouraging.

Open mindedness and research should be encouraged

Buddhists don’t worship a God. They are being open about the fact that their word isn’t holy, it is all teachings from humans. In case you are wondering, I wouldn’t consider myself a Buddhist. These are just some of the values I appreciate from their teachings that I apply to my own being.

Dalai Lama

The Word of God

I feel like I have to address how many people cling to the bible. I may use it for argument sake, to consider an idea, but I never treat it as the truth.

I’m talking about people who treat it as fact. Its okay to believe in something, that is faith. However, don’t sit there and tell me the bible is unquestionable and true.

The bible was written by humans who attempted to interpret events

It is not “The word of God”. We all know how reliable eyewitness accounts are, right? Ask two people who witnessed the same event, and you will have two very different interpretations and recounts. The longer you wait before you write down what you saw, the more details you lose, and the more the story changes. I can’t bring myself to base my life on information of this quality. I’m not saying its all false, but it certainly cant be proved here and now like other things I know to be true can.

**sidenote** Don’t take these images too seriously. It is just a visual emphasis of my points. I realise any toolbag out there can make a meme.

Why Not Live by Your Own Rules?

Why can’t more people live by their own rules rather than sticking to a rigid set of beliefs handed to them at a young age? Take the best out of several religions if you want to. You can still be  a good person, and achieve everything you have always wanted in your life. Use your own mind to create the surroundings you want. It’s easy, and you are the only one who controls it. Stop resting a portion of your dependency on an almighty power.

No matter how much you pray, nothing will happen until you get up off your arse and do it.

I’m not talking about situations where your loved ones are severely sick, it is a positive gesture to hope for their well being. Im talking about when you are dissatisfied with your circumstances and position in life. Simply put yourself out there with a positive frame of mind, opportunities will present themselves to you, but you can’t be negative. You need to take these opportunities if you want more abundance of the things you are chasing.

So bad situations are God testing you, and good situations are his reward? Maybe stop interpreting everthing that happens in this way.


Consider that the situation you are in is all relative to your thoughts and actions. Everything you do has consequences, good or bad, so take control of you life. If you feel like you aren’t in control, take control.

I’m surprised and flattered that you read this far 🙂

Anyways (yes I’m almost done) Don’t feel that I am trying to disregard or alienate people that don’t agree with my mindset. I can accept the fact that people have different beliefs even if they don’t make sense to me. I give every person a chance, regardless of what they believe and I don’t let beliefs get in the way of relationships. Remember you chose to read this, I wasn’t imposing any beliefs on you. So thanks for reading my first blog post.

Feel free to respond readers!

Thanks – Jono 🙂